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Our History

  • 1888

    9th April 1888

    Firm established in Broken Hill by John R Edwards.

  • 1888

    5th November 1888

    First Fire – This fire destroyed the first office of the firm

  • 1888

    12th December 1888

    John R. Edwards was appointed solicitor to the Municipality of Broken Hill. Apart from being solicitor to the Council, he acted for and represented all the major mining companies in Broken Hill, including BHP. We still act for the Broken Hill City Council today

  • 1910

    November 1910

    Abdy Fellowes Edwards, J.R. Edwards’ son, was admitted to practice as a solicitor and joined his fathers firm

  • 1933

    July 1933

    Mitchell Austen Brown and Thomas John Brown signed an agreement to purchase the firm John R. Edwards and Son, and the firm became known as John R. Edwards, Son and Brown.

  • 1950


    Tom Brown Jnr joined the firm.

  • 1954

    28th April 1954

    Second fire, which almost completely destroyed the premises of the office at 281 Argent Street. This fire did untold damage. At this time we had one of the biggest Legal Libraries outside the Sydney area. It was completely destroyed.

  • 1964


    Garth Michael Thompson arrived to complete his articles with Austen Brown. He was admitted to practice as a solicitor on the 12th February 1965. Two years later he became a partner in the firm John R. Edwards, Brown and Brown.

  • 1970


    John Albert Swift joined the firm which changed its name to John R. Edwards Brown and Thompson. In 1973 John Swift became a partner. The firm then changed its name again to Austen Brown Thompson and Swift.

  • 1980


    Danny O’Brien joined the firm.

  • 1982


    The firm’s name changed again, this time to Austen Brown, Thompson.

  • 1983

    November 1983

    Saw the arrival of Andrew Boog, a graduate from the Australian National University in Canberra. He and his wife Joanne, came from Sydney where Andrew had worked with the Australian Tax Office.

  • 1985

    July 1985

    Garth Thompson sold his share of the business to Danny O’Brien and Andrew Boog.

  • 1987

    26 October 1987

    Austen Brown Thompson began conducting business in the new offices of 178 Argent Street.

  • 1988

    9 April 1988

    We celebrated our centenary in business. 1st book “100 years in Law” released.

  • 1995

    August 1995

    Austen Brown Thompson opened its office in Dubbo.

  • 2001

    July 2001

    Andrew became the firm’s sole owner and the firm became known as Austen Brown Boog

  • 2006

    November 2006

    Moved into our new premises at 21 Church Street Dubbo.

  • 2008

    April 2008

    Celebrated 120 years and released the 2nd book “Lawyers in the Outback.

  • 2010

    November 2010

    After years of being unable to find competent professional staff to work and live in Broken Hill, we were forced to close the doors on the Broken Hill office. After 122 years of continual service to Broken Hill , this was a very difficult and sad time for the firm. We are thankful that many of our Broken Hill clients are continuing to use our service.